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1, What is pure water and how does it work? To achieve Pure water first the water must go though a deionised vessel which is suitable for soft water areas like Huddersfield. This process will take out all the Total Dissovable Solids minerals that are in the water which if left would leave spots smears & marks on the glass.
2, How come you leave the windows to dry natural? Once the water is deionised and all the TDS (Total Dissoluble Solids) are gone out of the water we are left with just pure H2O so there is nothing left to dry onto your window so its left to evaporate which in turn leaves a smear & spot free windows.

3, Do you clean the Frames & Sills also? Yes & I also clean exterior door panels & frames as well.

4, How often Should I have my windows cleaned? The time frame is up to you but I offer a flexible cleaning rota of Four Weekly & Six Weekly I find these two time frames work best for domestic houses.
5, How do I know what day you are coming to clean my windows & do you come on the same day every time? If I have prearranged I will text you the night before, Sadly its not possible to come on the same day every scheduled clean because of our weather we have & unforeseen circumstances.

6, Do I need to be in when you call to clean? No all I ask for is that you close all your windows and if you have a locked gate that you make it possible for me to gain access if I need to get to the back of the property to clean when i have finished I will leave a card/note saying I have been.

7, Are you insured? I have full Public Liability Insurance to the sum of 1,000,000 this all so covers property worked on

9, What payment methods do you offer? Payments options are Cash, BACS, Cheque, Pay-Pal

10, What cleaning materials do you use?; Where possible the cleaning materials I use are biodegradable & comply with the biodegradability criteria as laid down in regulation (EC) No.648/2004 on detergents.
12, How long will it take to clean my Conservatory? Conservators come in all sizes so there is no set time frame, But a average size conservatory of 3x4 Meters will take approximately 3-4 hours.

13, Is there anything I need to do to get the conservatory ready before you come to clean? Yes if its a you are having the inside cleaned it would be appreciated if you could remove all small items to avoid breakages large items we may be able to work around. Items on the outside on the patio or around the conservatory like plant pots should be removed also if the outside is to be cleaned.

14, My conservatory has gone green can you still clean it? Yes the green you are talking about is most likely algae which can be removed but if the algae has been left to bake in the sun for a number of years it may be difficult to get off totally but I will try to get it as clean as possible. ideally if possible you should be getting your conservatory cleaned about once a year to stop this happing.

15, Are you insured to clean conservatorys? Yes the public liability insurance cover I have covers all the services I offer

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